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On June 6, 2024, the VI Advertising and Media Conference AD Tribune-2024 will take place. Mikhail Zemskov, Managing Partner of the event agency EZ Solutions, will present an intriguing topic titled "Paleopsychology in Event Marketing" at the conference. In his presentation, Mikhail will uncover unique and unexpected connections between ancient psychological mechanisms and modern marketing strategies.
30 May 2024
The Literary Award, sponsored by event agency EZ Solutions, was finalized.
8 April 2024
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The Central Asia Recommended Agencies Map (CARAM) is a visualized database of agencies providing services in the region. It allows to review the basic parameters of the entire segment, as well as to identify key players that meet the stated criteria.
8 February 2024
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Since the beginning of 2023, we have prepared and implemented 328 projects. This number includes business, HR, PR and marketing events of different levels of complexity. From chamber events for 10-15 TOP-persons to city festivals for more than 5 thousand people. Also this year we took part in socially significant projects and projects aimed at charity. We are pleased to summarize the results of the year. Simultaneously with this process, we are starting to prepare for the events of 2024.
9 January 2024
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In the world of events, success often depends not only on knowledge of organizational aspects, but also on a deep look at the needs and expectations of clients. Anelia Mukhamedkarimova, Executive Director of the Kazakhstan Marketing Association, marketing expert of the EBRD Women in Business Program and business teacher, provides a unique insight into these aspects. In our interview with Anelia, we will dive into the intricacies of the event industry and learn how important each aspect of event organization is from the client's point of view. She will share her thoughts and experiences on wha...
14 December 2023
Valeria Makeeva's article for RBC Pro explores key strategies and challenges in business relocation to Kazakhstan, emphasizing the importance of cultural adaptation and employee integration based on EZ Solutions' experience. The article offers valuable advice for companies and specialists considering relocation, highlighting the role of corporate events in successful adaptation
11 December 2023
Meeting of marketers in Almaty highlights the role of artificial intelligence in marketing, featuring a presentation by Valeriya Makeeva from EZ Solutions. The discussion included the application of AI in event marketing and strategic data analysis.
5 December 2023
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Regional Advertising Forum (RAF) will be held in Almaty on November 2 in the House of Receptions at Kurmangazy, 44. The organizer of the forum is Central Asian Advertising Association. Event partner of the forum is EZ Solutions. Forum theme: STRATEGY OF INTEGRATION About how the combination of different tools, systems and business units allows to create unique products, collaboration and exchange of experience of companies, departments and entire markets - to increase the effectiveness of marketing and advertising investments, and the synthesis of human and AI - to optimize processes.
30 October 2023
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"We are used to financial support coming from big brands, government agencies, individuals and global corporations. Perhaps this step will be an example that it is possible to attract attention to literature not only through holdings and corporations, and the amounts that will help literary projects are not necessarily fabulous," - said the team of the event-agency.
23 October 2023
On September 7, Digital Wave 2023 took place in Almaty - a conference that for the second year in a row provides a unique opportunity to learn about new technological trends, platforms, and successful cases. EZ Solutions spoke at the conference on the topic of digitalization in the event industry, describing how the formalization of digital tools helps in the preparation and implementation of the project. It is also the third time the company acts as an event partner of the Central Asian Advertising Association events.
19 September 2023
EZ Solutions was the partner of the international festival
26 June 2023
How can an event strategy support the brand and foster team and consumer loyalty?
23 June 2023
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Our company will act as an event partner of the conference, as well as participate in discussions at the event.
22 May 2023
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The E+Awards ceremony was held for the first time in Central Asia
28 April 2023
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In the past three months we have held a record number of events
5 April 2023