How primitive instincts influence modern marketing?

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On June 6, 2024, the VI Advertising and Media Conference AD Tribune-2024 will take place. Mikhail Zemskov, Managing Partner of the event agency EZ Solutions, will present an intriguing topic titled "Paleopsychology in Event Marketing" at the conference. In his presentation, Mikhail will uncover unique and unexpected connections between ancient psychological mechanisms and modern marketing strategies.

Recent studies in paleopsychology conducted over the last 20-30 years offer a revolutionary perspective on familiar concepts. Mikhail Zemskov will explain how ancient fears and social structures can influence our behavior today. For example, why the fear of public speaking is akin to the fear of death and how this knowledge can be leveraged in event marketing.

Key points include:

Why our ancestors lived in groups of up to 150 people and how this affects comfortable interaction at modern events.
How the sense of belonging to a group was vital for the survival of our ancestors and how this is applicable in creating brand loyalty.
Why the need for control over situations remains crucial and how to account for this in event planning.
How gossip was a key tool for controlling social status and how to use this for event promotion.

Mikhail will draw parallels between the paleo era and today, demonstrating that our ancestors were masters of marketing.

You can learn more about the program and participation conditions at the following link: