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Since 2004
we have been turning events into
How do we do it?
A passion, a great team, the best clients, and the ability to think outside the box - that is what allows us
to easily solve even complex problems.
After all, we - EZ Solutions!
years on the market of
and Central Asia
2 500
organized events
Иконка сертификата
The only event agency in Kazakhstan certified in accordance with the security requirements of Microsoft Corporation
Experience helps us immerse ourselves in the brand and stay on the same wavelength with our customers. This is how unique IDEAS are born.
After examining the brief, we see the whole picture, draw up a plan of action, without missing a single important detail, because at the center of any event – PEOPLE.
Your GOALS are our compass. We are developing a detailed map of an event filled with vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions.
Third Regional Advertising Forum RAF-2022 took place in Almaty on November 3
The event agency EZ Solutions was a creative partner of the Forum and the Central Asian Advertising Association.
Relocate correctly
One of the leaders of the Kazakhstan event-market, the international agency EZ Solutions, offered a special product for companies relocating business to Kazakhstan.
EZ Solutions' new office
Growth = expansion
81 projects - By THIS HOUR!
In the past three months we have held a record number of events
EZS was the event partners of the E+Awards Central Asia Award
The E+Awards ceremony was held for the first time in Central Asia
Building events into the brands overall marketing vision and strategy
How can an event strategy support the brand and foster team and consumer loyalty?
"Digitalization makes it possible to implement the most ambitious events"
On September 7, Digital Wave 2023 took place in Almaty - a conference that for the second year in a row provides a unique opportunity to learn about new technological trends, platforms, and successful cases. EZ Solutions spoke at the conference on the topic of digitalization in the event industry, describing how the formalization of digital tools helps in the preparation and implementation of the project. It is also the third time the company acts as an event partner of the Central Asian Advertising Association events.
Our clients
Our portfolio includes the largest Kazakh and foreign companies, well-known international organizations, government agencies, and non-governmental structures.
Three branches: in Almaty, Nur-Sultan and Bishkek - allow us to promptly process your requests and organize events of any scale not only in Kazakhstan, but also in most countries Central Asia.
Many companies have been cooperating with us for several years. This inspires the EZ Solutions team again and again to find unique solutions and guarantee perfect services see all clients
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