How Events Facilitate Employee Adaptation During Relocation


In the context of relocating teams to Kazakhstan, it is important to consider the specifics of business ethics and work processes, which may differ from the usual ones. In Kazakhstan, as in other Central Asian countries, great importance is placed on personal relationships and trust in business interactions. This means that the time and effort involved in building trusting relationships with local partners and employees can be significantly greater than in more Western-oriented cultures.

In addition, Kazakhstan tends to have a more hierarchical management style, where decisions are often made at the top level. This may differ from the more horizontal and democratic approaches adopted in some other countries. This approach requires relocated employees to adapt to a more formal and structured working style.

It is also important to consider the language issue. In the main business centers of Kazakhstan - Astana and Almaty - Russian is widely used both in the business environment and in everyday life. It can be said that there is virtually no language barrier for Russian re-locates, although knowledge of the Kazakh language can be a great advantage, especially when working with local authorities and organizations.

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